The Ultimate Symbol of Government: Pleasure and Pain

Fear and pleasure.

Control and consumption.

These are the main concepts behind two famous novels.

1984 & Brave New World.

How does all this tie into our world today and why does it matter?

Let’s dig in 🧡

Over the years novels and fiction can stand out in their ability to predict potential futures and outcomes.

Many people are familiar with 1984 and the full totalitarian govt. that runs the world in the story.

There have been many parallels in our society today.


Totalitarianism is unfortunately a common tenet throughout history.

Especially in the 20th century.

1984 was a warning to the western world and what many believe is happening.

What’s rarely discussed is the pleasure-driven society in Brave New World.

When I look out at the world today, that’s the world I see.

Now – both methods are being used to manipulate us as a species.

What I find more telling is the use of pleasure to keep us in line.

Look around at the endless consumption, distractions, and entertainment.

We’re surrounded by ways to numb our pain, remove discomfort, and experience endless pleasure.

Hedonism and pleasure consumption is far more destructive.

Fear and totalitarianism are often easier to spot as it’s shoving the boot in our faces.

We seem more aware of the troubles the 1984-based scenario can create.

We’re much less aware of the pleasure problem though.

It’s a leading reason so many of us are miserable.

Pleasure can be a means to control and manipulate.

As humans, we desire to minimize our discomfort and seek things that make us feel good.

That is all well and good when taken with balance.

However, we’re drinking from the proverbial firehouse and we’re suffering.

As humans, we have needs that must be met.

The pleasure obsession goes WAY beyond that.

There must be a balance of creation and consumption.

So many of us are filling the void we feel within through consumption.

We distract ourselves endlessly to numb the feelings inside.

The problem is this doesn’t work.

We can’t fill our inner void through consumption.

Many of us are awakening to this, but there’s still a long way to go.

Think about all the things you see on a daily basis that can provoke a potentially emotional response.

Then think about what happens after.

Do you share your thoughts with friends and family?

Are you upset about what you saw?

Does it make you angry?

Do you stew in your feelings?

I still get caught up in this cycle.

The news is powerful and it can easily suck us in.

The response creates a substitute for creation.

Instead of problem-solving, we end up complaining about things.

Complain… Consume…

The cycle.

We have been denied our creative powers.

Deceived about our cosmic roots and misled through a world of endless pitfalls.

The complaining and consumption cycle is a tool to keep us locked in depression and sadness.

Sad & depressed people don’t typically revolt or cause trouble.

The world we live in is intentionally designed to keep us locked in this terrible cycle.

It’s how we become slaves to our habits.

We become our own masters because we don’t see the chains.

The chains of pleasure.

This doesn’t mean we strip our lives of goodness and live without any pleasure.

Discomfort is a good thing.

It means we’re growing and progressing.

Change happens in discomfort.

Do you know what often creates discomfort?


Creativity and our expression are deeply void in our world today.

We are Eternal beings reflecting our Maker.

We are born of greatness and live to transform.

When we deny our creativity we deny our birthright.

Misery is inevitable in this scenario.

The good news?

We can change it.

It starts with today.

Make one change in the direction of creation and away from consumption.

Instead of a 30-minute show – create something.


It really doesn’t matter, but the act does.

Our energy yearns to flow out into the world.

When we deny its movement we experience pain, sadness, and emptiness.

Just like we need food and water to survive, we need creation to thrive.

The more we replace consumption with creation the more fulfilled we become.

The creative process begins the positive upward-moving habits we need to thrive.

I will be discussing creativity in a podcast soon.

For now, start with identifying the biggest consumers of time and energy in your life.

What’s your biggest consumer?

-Video games
-Social media

Whatever it may be, get a read on it.

Awareness is key.

Make a shift to allot 25 minutes of consumption dedicated to creation.

Use a Pomodoro timer to help.

It doesn’t need to be perfect, but you need to experience the discomfort in those 25 minutes.

This is how we build the muscle needed to get out of hell.

Set a goal to do this 3 times a week and build.

These habits build, but you have to start making progress and doing it in small chunks allows us to embrace it.

The irony is, that the less we consume the happier we usually are.

Some of the most miserable people I know are those with lots of time and resources but no expression.

All they do is consume.

It’s an easy trap to fall into.

I’ve been there.

We climb out of hell one tiny step at a time.

Finding our expression is the doorway out.

Take note of all the ways we can endlessly consume.

Remember that’s intentional and it’s a trap.

Consumption is enjoyable when done with balance.

Creation is the key that unlocks our ability to experience life at deeper levels.

Be weary of the consumption.

You got this!

What do ya think?

Ramblings of a crazed madman?

Or does this resonate?

If you found it helpful, give it a share so others can begin their climb out of the pleasure trap.

Originally tweeted by Brandon Ward πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² (@BrandonLeeWard) on September 10, 2022.

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