Self-Awareness: How to Leverage its Awesome Power

Self-awareness message on block of stone
Self-awareness message on stone

Understanding ourselves is important because it shapes how we experience life. Our ability to self develop allows us to transform our lives over time.

When we are not connected to who we are and what we desire, we end up leading the lives of someone else’s making.

But first, what’s self awareness?

Knowledge of the self

Much suffering in my younger days was because of my lack of self-awareness.

I would try and force myself into places I didn’t fit.

I was living to be accepted by others.

I needed their approval to feel good about who I was because I didn’t feel a connection from within. I had no awareness of self.

Alienation is a real thing within many of us.

Often the alienation we feel is from our true selves.

Without self-knowledge, our ability to live meaningful and fulfilled lives is greatly diminished.

The most incredible life we can live is one we create on our own.

One that is driven by our inner notions of existence. This comes from the knowledge of self.

Within all of us is a story and expression seeking to make its way into the world.

This is what it means when people say happiness comes from within.

It’s not achieved by external means alone. Work must be done within us to ensure our minds and bodies can support our fulfillment. This is why inner work and learning self awareness is so important.

Without self knowledge we are lost in the world. We don’t know who we are and where our true north lies. We change by learning to be aware of who we are and what matters to us.

It’s a process we go through.

Be aware

Happiness happens when we align our authentic selves with the life we create.

So without the inner compass, sustained happiness becomes nearly impossible.

There isn’t a roadmap for who we are and how we need to live.

We must uncover the treasures within ourselves through self-discovery and self understanding.

By taking the time to get to know ourselves and learn about what matters to us.

Then we can define the life we desire to live.

For some, being a doctor, attending medical school, and helping people with medicine may be their highest calling.

For others, that same path is total misery.

This is why understanding ourselves is so important.

Understanding the self

Without self-awareness, we are operating blind in the world.

Without the inner compass, we are sure to be pushed and pulled around by the whims of the world.

The inner compass is our anchor in a screwed-up world.

It’s our lifeline amongst the chaos.

These are not skills we’re taught in school, so we must navigate the fray with what we have available.

Look inside and explore your desires.

  • What do you yearn for?
  • What can’t you live without?
  • What keeps you up at night?
  • What interests have lingered throughout your life?

Sit with these questions.

Explore the reasons behind your desires.

There is always an inherent why.

These deeper meanings provide the insight we need to develop an understanding of the self.

It can help us understand what makes us tick.

These things are often woven into the fabric of our being.

Living without them becomes pain.

This psychological pain is an all too common occurrence in our world today.

It’s the gap we experience between how we live today and the life we truly desire.

Why is self-awareness important?

Understanding ourselves can help us forge a new path forward.

A lack of self awareness creates deep pain in our lives.

Self-knowledge is like the keystone to our fulfillment.

It’s vital to bring compassion to this process.

If we only judge during the exploration phase, our authenticity will never grow as it will continue to hide away.

We must nurture it.

I repeat it’s a process to become aware of ourselves.

Don’t let the stories of your past stand in the way of your brilliant future.

We may be victims of circumstances, but we are not powerless.

Regardless of how bad things may have been or how bad things are now. Once we understand how our brains work and begin applying principles modern neuroscience has revealed to us; we can begin to change.

Change is always possible.

But we must leap into the unknown.

The universe supports those brave enough to jump. Make the decision to do whatever it takes to learn about yourself.

We ensure we rise out of the madness by playing the long game.

This is a process.

Be kind to yourself and do your best to enjoy it.

Moving through the darkness of our being can be terrifying, but it’s exhilarating too.

It’s where our power comes from.

Know that you are not alone.

What is the self?

Being aware of our starting point is vital. Perhaps we don’t believe anything can be done or that all hope is lost. Just recognize the start. No matter the place you find yourself, you can change it. It won’t be easy, but it’s possible.

The collection of ideas, beliefs, perspectives, and energy makes us who we are. This is the self. The way we live, the things we say, how we treat ourselves and others, and the way we do things all make up the self.

The self is the treasure of being living within each of us.

Most of us have been beaten down and rejected by our families and society. When this happens young, we continue this rejection of self into adulthood. We learn this behavior and continue treating ourselves and others with little regard for who we truly are.

This continues the damage and creates intense isolation within us.

There’s good news, though. All of this can change.

We have not been abandoned.

If we take the chance and believe, amazing things can happen.

It all begins with the journey inward.

Find your authentic self and share it with the world!

What do you think?

What’s been your biggest struggle with self-awareness?

Originally tweeted by Brandon Ward 🇺🇲 (@BrandonLeeWard) on October 20, 2022.

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