Role Model: How to be Legendary for Our Kids

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Role model is a big responsibility and challenge for parents. It’s not something to be taken lightly.

Children are often viewed as extensions of their parents. They will often discuss how proud they may be of their children. It can be something to show value to others in our world.

I want to flip this.

Let’s aim to be parents our children will be proud of. Let’s be the role models our kids dream of.

It doesn’t mean parents shouldn’t desire to be proud of their kids. Not at all. We have a higher standard if we wish to lead them by example. We must take action to be proud of them to create an environment where they can succeed. But it all starts with us.

How to be a role model for our kids

It’s easy to get caught up in the game of competing around our kids and how they perform in life.

Naturally, we want them to do well. It also makes us feel good to have kids who do well. We see them as extensions of ourselves.

But what about setting examples for them to follow?

What about leading?

One of the things I hated growing up was being told things to do that the adults around me didn’t do themselves. It always left me feeling like I was being cheated. It created anger. I held that anger for a long time.

This is the price of dishonest living. Not leading by example can create a lot of pain and resentment in our lives.

I despise this behavior in humans.

I despise it in myself.

It’s something I strive to do very little of. A way to counter this is to aim to be examples our kids can be proud of. To live in ways they want to emulate and follow.

This is why doing self-work and improving our mastery over ourselves can have such a significant impact. We can show them the way by living it.

Hypocrisy can create so much pain in the world.

It creates psychological divides in our minds that force us to contend with what we’re told versus what we see. When words and actions are misaligned, a divide is created within us.

Living by example opposes this.

Being authentic, living honestly, fighting for truth, having hobbies, being kind, helping others in need, and working hard for the things we desire is the standard we aim to create. It doesn’t need to be overcomplicated, but we must be consistent in our behavior.

Aligning words with action matters so much to young children. It’s how they gauge the balance of truth in the world. Without this balance, they lose trust in how things work. This was something I had to rebuild for years within myself.

Even if you don’t have kids or don’t want them, this matters to you too. Living by example can help set the standard for our youth. We need role models to help our kids find clarity in the world.

There is so much dishonesty and deception. Because of this, living truthfully is enormous.

There is a great change sweeping around the world.

God is revealing our destiny to humanity. This path is available to all of us, but many will not choose this path. The call for authenticity and creation is strong in many.

We must cultivate this fire.

When we lead by example, we balance the scale of truth.

If you envision a grand scale of truth and deception representing our society, you will see we’re still heavily in favor of deception. Most deception isn’t even conscious.

We must bring awareness to our behaviors to change them. This is how we can be a positive role model.

Living with consciousness and authenticity enables us to be the parents and leaders the youth of our world need. We shift this by thinking about what we can do for our children instead of what they can do for us.

We are living in such extraordinary times. It’s scary and confusing, but incredible opportunities are ahead of us. We can let our lives be the teachings for generations to come. This all starts with setting new examples.

Perspective shifts go a long way. This change first begins in our minds. Let’s decide to live differently and lead by example. Our kids will be very grateful as they grow into adulthood.

This is the power of role modeling done well!

What do you think?

Do you have childhood memories where these types of things stood out? Did you yearn for role models to learn from when you were younger?

I know I did.

You’re not alone. The battle to reclaim our inner wellness is one worth the fight. We’re in this together.

Originally tweeted by Brandon Ward 🇺🇲 (@BrandonLeeWard) on November 18, 2022.

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