Coaching Philosophy

My approach to coaching is focused on the client and not the situation. Lack of clarity is usually a result of inner blockage. 

Clarify the person and you almost always clarify the situation.

two men talking, client first approach

Client First Approach

Many coaching programs focus on the situation or problem clients face when seeking help. I take a different approach. I focus on the client.

Goals and challenges are extensions of the client. When we fall short or get stuck, it’s almost always an inner issue to address. 

Avoiding the trap of thinking problems exist outside ourselves allows us to get to the root of challenges. 

I believe in empowering my clients to take control of their own growth and development. 

As your coach, I see myself as a mirror, reflecting back to you your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. 

My role is to guide and support you on your journey, but ultimately, the power to make change lies within you. 

Together, we will work towards unlocking your full potential and achieving your goals.

You hold the power

By placing the responsibility for growth and change on the client, we are helping you develop the self-awareness and self-reliance necessary for true and lasting change.

I work with clients to understand their goals and create action plans, but ultimately, the client must put in the work and commit to change.

This can be challenging, but the sense of accomplishment and empowerment that comes from achieving goals through one’s effort is invaluable.

This is the actual process we use to build healthy self-esteem.

Insights followed by action. 

Clients who take an active role in the coaching process are more likely to achieve their goals and maintain the changes they make long after the coaching relationship ends.

I want you to thrive well beyond our time together and this is how we achieve that goal. 

Growth Can Be Lonely

I understand that personal growth can be a difficult and lonely journey at times. 

That’s why I’m here to walk alongside my clients every step of the way.

I walked this path for many years on my own. It’s not something I suggest to others, as I was stubborn and arrogant. 

Progress happens quicker when we have partners in our growth process. 

I’m here to offer guidance, support, and encouragement as you work to achieve your goals. 

I’ll hold you accountable to your commitments and help you stay on track, but I’ll also be a sounding board for your ideas, concerns and struggles.

My job is to be an unbiased and non-judgmental companion, providing you with a different perspective and strategies that you may not have thought of before, which you can choose to implement or not. 

With my help, you’ll develop the confidence, skills and mindset you need to overcome obstacles and reach your full potential. 

I’m excited to be a part of your journey, and I believe that together, we can achieve great things.

All things are possible with faith! 

My Coaching Framework

Growth Mindset

The growth mindset is a concept developed by Carol Dweck, a psychologist at Stanford University. It refers to the belief that an individual’s abilities, intelligence, and talents can be developed and improved through effort, learning, and practice.

Adopting a growth mindset can lead to a more positive and resilient approach to life, and can help individuals achieve their goals and reach their full potential. It is a key component of many personal and professional development programs, including my men’s coaching program.


Inner bonding is a form of self-help and personal growth developed by Margaret Paul, a psychotherapist, relationship expert, and best-selling author. Inner bonding is a process that helps individuals learn to connect with their inner guidance (also known as their "Higher Self" or "Wise Self") in order to heal and transform their lives.

Inner bonding is a powerful process that can help individuals overcome personal challenges, improve their relationships, and live more authentic and fulfilling lives. It is a key component of many personal development programs, including our men's coaching program.

Faith & Purpose

Faith is the spiritual power that enables humans to experience and realize the divine values of love, truth, beauty, and goodness in their lives.

Faith is not just a mental belief or an intellectual acceptance of certain principles or truths. Rather, it is a dynamic and transformative spiritual experience that changes the way a person thinks, feels, and acts.

Faith is the foundation of a healthy and harmonious spiritual life, and it is essential for individuals to develop and nurture their faith in order to grow spiritually and achieve their full potential.

This is about more than religions. It’s about service and connecting to our place in the universe. 

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